Wednesday, August 20, 2014

More Gourmet Cooking: This one's for Tommy....

Tommy says, "You guys are too much!" - And he's probably right.... Take this cheddar cheese singles ice cream, for example.....Please!

Today's 'Question Everything'

Are we being 'photoshopped' by deranged sickos trying to escalate a conflict?

The world has definitely gone crazy. We don't need any further proof. We need better means of returning it to sanity, and we could begin by suppressing the widespread distribution of provocative material like this, at least until it has been properly authenticated by reputable authorities. One of the main things wrong with the world today is that there's too much malicious shit-disturbing by the lunatic fringe, because it's too easy.

Added later:

I wrote the above earlier, because it seemed from news reports that the Brits had real concerns about the possible authenticity and actual occurrence of the event in question, implying that the whole thing might be some kind of elaborate but bizarre hoax. I'm sure most of us wish it had been, but at the same time, I hope we don't overreact to this, because that seems to be its intended purpose. 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

More musing from 'Oldest Living Blogger'....

It's too bad I can't speak to all those kids in Ferguson, Missouri who have been running around with handkerchiefs and bandannas tied over their faces, pretending to be real desperadoes while just looking really stupid and ridiculous, doing things they'll very likely grown up to be ashamed of one day. And what would I tell them?

I woke up this morning with the usual aches and pains of old age; my lower back was aching, and the lower half of my right leg felt cold and numb, like it was maybe trying to die on me, but not succeeding very well. I had indigestion because I'd fallen asleep again with the wireless headphones on, still blaring away on some really mind-numbingly stupid commercial, the subliminal traces of which were still fading as consciousness returned. And I had to go to the bathroom rather urgently....

In there, in the Thundermug Lounge, ruminating on the mysteries of life, some 
cogent observations came; it's said that dying's easy - it's the living that's hard.
Not exactly. Both can be rather difficult and confusing and mysterious. Dying's only easy for those who haven't had a lot of practice at it, and aren't yet that close to its inevitable, inexorable, relentless arrival. Those of us who are far enough along the road of life to be able to clearly see that big checkered sign down there ahead reading 'Dead End' have a much more intense appreciation for that which is behind us and that which may also be ahead.

Most of us don't really appreciate something that we've mostly been taking for granted until we become keenly aware that some day soon, we're going to be losing it, and there isn't any way to stop that whole process, because, as some wit said, 'Life is a terminal illness'.

So no matter how strong your feelings, no matter what your politics, no matter which religion you prefer not to attend but claim to belong to, no matter who you think you are, don't be too anxious to jump into something that might easily shorten your stay amongst us very significantly. Living, after all, being infinitely preferable to most of the alternatives.

And lastly, in the wider Universe, in that infinite space/time Continuum that we know so very little about, it's a fairly sure thing that our most momentous and earth-shaking problems here are not just insignificant there, but our whole world is so infinitismally inconspicuous it's practically non-existent. So please ask yourselves: "What the hell are we fighting about?"

A little comparison, may I ?


Is infinitely preferable to....


Monday, August 18, 2014

Run out of topping for the ice cream?

Try Old Gramp's latest concoction: Smucker's Orange Marmalade and a dusting of Kraft's Cheddar cheese powder over your vanilla ice cream. MMMmmmm!!!
It's not only color co-ordinated, it's delicious. Your taste buds will smile....

Cloudy sky....

There are three aircraft in this picture.  The one at 9 o'clock, level with the sun, looks like this......

And this is why a 'superzoom' compact digital is so much fun to use. This was taken on a Fuji SL-1000 at 50X freehand. (Sometimes, I get lucky...) It's not terribly sharp, but on the other hand, it was a long way off - several miles.
Here's a 'doctored' version of the above.....

Their 'fifteen minutes of fame'....

That expression, attributed to Andy Warhol, seems to accurately describe this family's vigorous embrace of the media circus surrounding the demise of their son. Customized T-shirt, new baggy-assed jeans, freshly-styled and colored hairdo, special commemorative and ostentatiously large button prominently displayed on her shirt, depicting a 'surrender posture' that in no way expresses the true feelings of the black community, but makes for great 'PR' they think....
What the hell's going on here? Is this Showbiz? What about the Movie Rights?

Obfuscatorially speaking, the real facts appear to be shrouded in mystery, with the police handing out one story, and others contributing various other versions, and the whole thing has become distorted by all kinds of meddling opportunists jumping into it for fun and profit, and the whole thing has become disgusting.

Whitey, the brainless young idiot, in a panic, shot repeatedly a big black kid whom he feared might easily harm him if not immediately immobilized by the most effective means available, his gun. And in that moment when his better instincts deserted him and he acted impulsively, he re-opened age-old wounds never properly healed within the black community who are still waiting for their rightful share of that 'freedom' that white America makes so much noise about.

And all of this immediately morphed into yet another chapter in the struggle between blacks and whites in America. At the risk of waxing philosophical here for a moment, this is the very kind of situation exemplified by the Biblical references to the sins of the fathers being visited upon their sons in future generations. And it all started with those slave-owners who didn't really give a damn for 'future generations'. And here we are, still trying to clean up their mess, and not making much useful progress. 

May I suggest? Take off that riot gear, put away the machine guns and the Molotov cocktails, put on your shorts and T's, and take each other for a beer,
and try to find some common American ground. You Whiteys should remember that those blacks you're using for target practice are the very same blacks who have been doing the bulk of the fighting for you in your military in those idiotic wars that assholes like Dubya too easily start; and you Blacks need to remember that those Whiteys, like it or not, include Daddy Bigbucks who finances the places where you make a living - except for the ones they move offshore - and his forefathers made the rules you still haven't managed to change more in your own favor. So you both need to work together, because you're stronger that way than you are separately, if only you're smart enough to realize it.

If I had to sum up America in one word, that word would be 'confrontational'.
And it's going to be your national epitaph. Mark my words.

The land of the free and the home of the brave ???

What's wrong with this picture?
Days like this past few, I thank God I'm not an American living in that kind of "land of the free and home of the brave". Oscar Wilde was right on when he said "America is the only country that went from barbarism to decadence without civilization in between." 
George Bernard Shaw said, "The 100% American is 99% idiot."
And Gloria Pitzer said, "In some parts of the world, people still pray in the streets. In this country they're called pedestrians."

Sunday, August 17, 2014

It's a small world....

I'm not 'setting the world on fire' but with that little Google Translate gadget in the right-hand sidebar, almost anyone in the world can read this blog if they wish to, and many do. I thank everyone for visiting this blog, and I hope you have enjoyed your visit.

If I had a wish, it would be for more of you to leave your comments, so that we can share our thoughts.

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