Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The inmates have taken over the asylum...

The problem is, Americans can't grasp the historical context of that Second Amendment. They continue to insist that it means any nutcase can run around loose with semi-automatic weapons "for self defence". Self defence my ass!

The Second Amendment was to make it legal for citizens to possess weapons with which to defend the nation against invasion by foreign military forces.

The NRA and its leadership were all born stupid, and have been steadily losing ground ever since. If brains were dynamite, they wouldn't have enough to blow their own noses! Those bastards ought to be locked up to protect the public from possible injury or death. 

Windows Theme: Bernadette

Bernadette in concert...
What can I say?
Simply: "Wow!"

Monday, April 27, 2015

Windows Theme: Sundown...

Beginning about 5:15 p.m. and ending at 9:17 p.m., tonight's sundown.

Today's Top Ten

У российских читателей теряют интерес к загнивающего Запада?
The Russian readers lose interest in the decadent West?

Fun with Windows (and PhotoStudio)

Ever tried making your own Windows Logo wallpaper? It's not as easy as it looks. Getting that cross in the middle the right width is damned difficult....
I'm close, but close only counts in horseshoes... But it was fun, anyway.

Feds latest budget: help for seniors...

Margaret Wente and others are noting the buzz around the federal government's tax breaks for seniors and others in the latest federal budget. But this above article rightly states that the really important issue here isn't getting a higher tax-free limit on a non-existent savings plan, it's the too-high debt levels that are swamping most families in the country. Improving the rules for savings isn't helping those who can't do any of it. The trick, like the man says, is to learn to live below your means, so that your back isn't constantly to the wall financially. It took me too much of my lifetime to learn how to do that, but better late than never. The best finance plan in the world is "100% down and nothing left to pay."

Weather update....

This looks more like the end of April in Lotusland! The birds are singing and the temperature's up to 69 F, at last!

From The Moscow Times....


President Putin says: "Western leaders would like to see Russia begging with its "cap in hand". "

"It's not the things we don't know that get us into trouble", said Will Rogers,
"It's the things we do know that ain't so!" Nobody wants to see Russia begging anyone for help. But neither does anyone want to see a revival of the old Soviet Union. Those who refuse to learn from History are condemned to repeat it, and we don't want that to happen.

Russia can and should take its place among the world's greatest nations, but to do so requires it to play by the same rules others do, and not make your own.

The world of today is not like the world of the past. We have problems of survival which will require all of us to work together to reach a solution, and building walls or being confrontational with your neighbors is not the way.

It puzzles and dismays those of us in the rest of the world to see what looks like Russia trying to regress to the bad old days of Stalin, when there is nothing to be gained from it, and much to be lost. 

Today's Weather...

It may be the second month of summer in Egypt, but this isn't it, for sure!
We're still enjoying the monsoon season here on the Wet Coast. But even so, it still beats the hell out of living on the flatlands near Horsebuns, Alberta, or around Buffalo Jump, Saskatchewan, or Snows-In-August, Manitoba, or in northern Ontario, where there's nine months winter, two months bad skiing, and one month's summer. Rain is easy to shovel, makes the grass grow greener, cleans the air, and helps to sell umbrellas. It could be worse.

Margaret's latest....

'Seniors' may be a horrible word, but it's infinitely preferable to 'Golden Agers'.
Whoever coined that 'golden agers' crap has never been retired from a middle class income's career, from which you were separated ten years before you were ready, by an 'early retirement' scheme. That's a nice term meaning that you were 'terminated without specific cause, just because we didn't like you and your unionist beliefs'. The good news is, I've now been retired from that outfit for longer than I worked for them, and I'm still alive and well.

News of the bizarre and ridiculous

Insanity is contagious. We catch it from our spouse. This is the proof.... and these two idiots obviously never heard the expression 'Agree, for the law is costly.' They also apparently aren't aware of the old story about the cow. The ownership of a certain cow was being disputed by two farmers. While one pulled on its ears and the other pulled on its tail, the cow was milked by a lawyer. And a lawyer is a guy who gets you what is coming to him. 

The latest revision of this theme...

And through the magic of technology, it's once more 3,300 years ago, and Ra is crossing the heavens in his fiery boat, the several morning religious ceremonies are concluded, and the weather forecast is for hot and sunny with light breezes from the north. 

The beginning of the year, (New Year's Day) is generally considered as being the first day that the star Sirius rises at dawn with the Sun, and is usually on or about July 20th.

That would mean we're now in the second month of Shemu, which is Payni.
Each month is divided into three decans of ten days each, but I don't know which decan of Payni we are now in. There are 36 decans in a year, and these have their own constellations around the horizon, but again, I don't have details. We need more information on all of this. Most readily available books about ancient Egypt go into great detail about their gods and goddesses and religious beliefs and myths, but neglect a lot of the nuts and bolts of everyday life in that country in those times. So details of things like the calendar are rather sketchy. But they had one, and it formed the base for ours.

Their twelve 30-day months, with five and later every fourth year six 'extra' days to balance it out with astronomical data, still form the basis of our calendar.

Please note: The correct spelling of that first month is 'Thoth' after the god...
(keep doing your homework, Kids!)

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Today's Top Ten...

Da Prez is enjoying himself...

The frightening thing about all that is that a couple of spoiled brats who inherited their daddy's fortune and businesses are able to buy their own choices of politicians for the leadership of the country. And it doesn't say much about the process when politicians who are willing to be bought actually believe we ought to love them for their charm, wit, and personality. I find that insulting, because I think the average voter is smarter than that, and can see when we are being manipulated by two-faced lyin' bastards. And there's only two kinds of people: Lion Tamers, and Lyin' Bastards. So be careful which ones you join. 

Another "Oops!" from Ford...

My very first new car was a 1957 Ford 2-door V8. It was one of those 'Monday Morning Specials' that began falling apart, literally, at 308 miles on the odometer, and after battling unsuccessfully with Ford for six months trying to get the snag list fixed, I gave up, and bought a 1958 Chevy. I've never owned another Ford product since, and I wouldn't buy another one even if you kissed my ass until I barked like a fox! Ford forgot how to make cars back in 1954.... the '55s were so-so, the '56s had camshaft failures, and that '57 of mine was the worst goddamned lemon I've ever seen or heard of. That's why I discovered Chrysler products, and I've never even considered going back to Ford. I'd walk before I'd buy another Ford. And the place I'd walk to would be the Chrysler dealer. I love my 2015 Dodge Journey.

Sleeping with....

...the wireless headphones on. Maybe there's something to that story about the subliminal learning while we sleep....

I'd fallen asleep watching KCTS9 and one of its PBS shows. I awoke, as if in a dream, listening to a very detailed account of the days of Prohibition in the USA. Behind the narrative, they were playing some seemingly authentic Roaring Twenties jazz, featuring someone on one of those old whorehouse pianos where some of the world's best piano players developed their style and got famous.
(That piano-playing got me thinking of 'Candy' from Detroit, whom I met at a 
house of ill repute in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, which was being run by a Master Sergeant in the USAF from nearby Kincheloe Air Force Base. 'Candy' was the sweetest and cutest little black girl I've ever met... but that's another story!)

I've always been fascinated by those Roaring Twenties, and those Flappers, and that wonderful music and the wild dances. And I've never really understood why, because all that was in the decade preceding my arrival in 1932. That in turn raises the question of reincarnation, or 'recycling', and if we think about this, everything in Nature is recycled; vegetation, animals, planets, stars, even galaxies if we look in the right places. So if we're not part of that, then we are the one exception to the rule.

I've had a couple of interesting chats with an East Indian lady who is a charming neighbor of mine, about this subject. She says it's for sure there's reincarnation, and I tend to believe that myself. Both she and I have I.Q.s larger than our belt sizes, and good vision, and we've seen what's going on around us for a few decades now. And it all seems like a very logical progression. The space/time continuum is a very efficient place, and nothing's wasted.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Today's Snow Report...

This looks a lot more like February than the end of April. I'm wondering when it might stop. Usually, this would have ended a couple of months ago in a 'normal' season. Sell your horse and buggy stock, and buy some for snowshoe makers.

Maybe, instead of a new car, I should have got a new snowmobile and a couple of cases of my favorite medicinal antifreeze. Moskovskaya, where are you when I really need you?

Burn the Floor " So Hot " Would You Dance With Me? "

Burn the Floor : The New Show ' Floor Play ' Coda " Proud Mary " Turn th...

Another example of a desktop background...

Taken from the day's news articles, resized, enhanced, and made into a theme.

It shows spring flowers in an alpine park, and if you've ever been to such a place, where these will seemingly sprout almost out of the receding snowpack, you will never forget it. I've counted 17 different varieties in the same patch of flowers up in the hills beyond Pemberton, north of Whistler, B.C. on a summer's day. It was July, I think, but there it was still Spring, because the several feet of the previous winter's snows were still melting, and these flowers were blooming within just a few feet of the edges of the nearest snow patch. It's a beautiful and an unusual sight, and these flowers are not like any you'll find in the lower parts of the countryside. The alpine is a world of its own, and lovely.