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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Are personal blogs old news? I seriously wonder....

Maybe bloggers are just moving on to newer things, like Facebook, or that other thing, for the thumb-typers who must share every half-assed thought - like the semi-famous Donald Trump. Thirty-five psychiatrists can't be wrong; the guy's a complete mental basket case.... He's doing more to destroy America than the rest of the world combined.

A short music break....

I was tempted to put this one onto Facebook the other day as a comment under another entry, but thought better of it. Here, the rules are not the same....


I came back....... temporarily.....from Facebook.

This began life as a picture in a flier inside today's morning paper, and I wondered what it might look like as a desktop background. So I made it into one. I'm surprised it looks so nice on a 30-inch (76 cm) monitor.

Facebook today is making a fuss about Trump meeting the King of Saudi Arabia, and receiving a medal from him. I wonder what The Moscow Times is saying today....?

Not much about Trump on the first page...... I wonder if there is any inside?

Where have I seen this kind of thinking before? Is the Russian Federation now copying from our American neighbors? I doubt if most Americans, stopped on the streets and asked, could tell you what the Duma is. Many of them can't understand their own Constitution, never mind anyone else's. Russia and America might as well be friends. It is a lot less expensive than the alternatives, and the smart ones know this already.

 Для моих русских читателей - как вы теперь знаете, я все еще жив и здоров и отсутствие записей здесь не является результатом моей смерти.
Благодарим вас за постоянный интерес.

Monday, April 24, 2017

More 'This and That' ....

I've been neglecting this blog for a while, because I've been too carried away with Facebook. I got on it before that disastrous election in the USA, and it got habit-forming. I've met some great people on there, but I've also met my share of the "under-educated"... the ones who elected Boy Wonder Donald. And Boy, do we Wonder about him!

On FB this morning, the subject of Germany came up, and I did three versions of a desktop background of the Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria....

This is the castle that inspired Disney to create theirs, and this is proof that you don't get a second chance to make a first impression.

Moving along here, I'm beginning to wonder if anyone can get Donald Trump under control. He seems to be pitifully lacking in the usual knowledge of our world and its countries, and their locations, and how to deal with them. As I mentioned on Facebook the other day, it's a mystery how anyone with his advantages could so successfully avoid a basic education. But as someone on there explained, he simply hires the brains he needs, so that he doesn't have to use any of his own. And that's good for him, because in a battle of wits, he would be at a definite disadvantage. Money might buy someone's brains, but it certainly doesn't by manners, morals, integrity, or self-control. We've seen the proof already. 

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How to reset the numbering of screenshots in Win-10

In Windows 10...( a short tutorial)
If your Screenshots folder gets full of stuff you don't want, and you've dumped it, but you'd like to reset the counter for their numbers, here's how....
Let's begin by making a shortcut to the Registry Editor like this:-
right-click an empty spot on your desktop, and in the little menu, choose "New" and then choose "shortcut". When the new window for this opens, in that blank line type in %windir%\system32\regedt32.exe and then down below, click on Next. Erase whatever is in that name line, and call it Registry Edit. Click Finish, you're done. If you like, (and I did this) right-click your new shortcut, and then choose Pin to Taskbar. Now, we're ready to get into Registry. And be careful here, because boo-boos can mean disaster.

Use you new shortcut to open the Registry Editor. Now in the left-hand pane, navigate to ->
HKey Current User>Software>Microsoft>Windows>Current Version>Explorer. Click that word Explorer to show you the list in the right-hand (actions) pane, and look for the Dword named ScreenshotIndex. Right-click that, and from the menu, choose the top item, Modify. When you click that, you get another little window which will show you a Value, usually highlighted in blue. Erase that value already there, and replace it with 01 to start the counting all over again from one. Click OK, and you're done. You can close Registry Editor. Here's a couple of screenshots to help you....

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Busy lately with computer, and setting up Linux Mint 18.1

I was trying to install Linux Mint on the optical drive, and having trouble, until learning that there are settings that have to be changed in the Bios/UEFI to get it all happening. You need the settings changed to turn off Secure Boot, and set things for Legacy so that Linux can get access to it all. And when you're done, it looks something like this.....

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Windows Update in Build 15031 Insider Preview....

Attention, fellow Windows Insiders!
If you're finding that Build 15031 seems to be hung with its Windows Update stuck on "initializing updates" forever, here's the cure:-
Go into Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management > Services. Scroll down to Windows Update. Right-click that line, and choose Properties from the little menu. Look to make sure that it is set to Automatic. Mine wasn't. It was set on Manual, but it should be in Automatic. Stop the service, change it into Automatic, and then restart the service. Click Apply and then OK, and you're done. Your new Build 15046 should download OK. Mine did. I'm using it here.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Donald Trump and cyber-security: a lax attitude.

I'm reprinting this from a posting I did on Facebook...

  Perhaps a lax attitude because he doesn't know diddly about computers.
His field of expertise is bullshit. Hot, steaming, and from an alternate reality totally unfamiliar to those of us in the real world.

And I have terrible news for him if he thinks that all he has to do is appoint a skillful mouthpiece to browbeat the media into submission and then he can control everything we know about his government. I've said this before, but please let me repeat: everyone with a computer is both a consumer of news and a broadcaster of news. The social media like Facebook may well be our savior from the likes of a wannabe dictator like Trump, because we can spread the facts just as fast as he can spread the bullshit. So his plan for world domination may not get beyond the fantasy stage. Maybe he should have done his homework. This really isn't the 1930s when things were different.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Trump and 'Managed News'

Recently, it was pointed out that Trump would like to have the major news outlets conform to his altered views of reality, very similar to what Hitler did in Germany in the 1930s. However, as Margaret Wente of the Toronto Globe and Mail points out, this is not 1939.

At the risk of 'jumping to conclusions' I'm guessing Margaret means that our world and its communications are much different now. It will be virtually impossible for the Trump administration to control news outlets, because everyone with a computer is both a consumer and a broadcaster of whatever's going around, and this is not limited to only the USA. In minutes, I can communicate to my friend in Beirut, or another in northern England, or another in central Germany, and between us, we can tell the world what's happening and our opinions of it. We've already proven that this works. And on my blog, I have readers from almost anywhere on the globe, including hundreds in Russia, some in China, and others in Europe, and Australia. It would not be easy to limit the news to only one preferred story-line. If Trump thinks he can, then he isn't aware of the capabilities of computers and the Internet.

And we haven't even mentioned those hackers, who could not only interfere with all that, but could even plant programs on Trumpers' computers that could virtually wreck them. If I were Trump, I'd familiarize myself with the possibilities, before I provoked an angry response from the world's computer users. And why am I explaining how he could avoid disaster? The sooner that hit him the better. He thinks he's smart. Let's find out.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Windows Insiders Questionnaire

Today, I filled out a rather lengthy questionnaire about my membership in the Microsoft Windows Insiders, a group of volunteers who test unreleased versions of Windows. It was a bit on the long side, and some of it didn't apply to me very well. 

When asked if I mention it anywhere else, I mentioned this blog. I didn't think to add that to see most of that, one would have to go back to about 2014, and work forward from there. I've said a lot about Windows on here, but not so much lately as in the beginning of the Windows 10 testing, during those heady days when we were discovering the usual teething problems characteristic of any new operating system.

While Windows 10 is built on the same basic chassis (kernel) as Windows 7, it does have a lot of background items running busily behind the scenes, to make the stuff we see work more smoothly or more comprehensively, and those also use quite a lot of resources, so you should have a computer with some respectable 'horsepower' under the hood, so to speak. At the same time, and for those unfamiliar with it, Windows 10 does run older programs much more readily than some previous operating systems. That's very useful if you tend to cling to favorite older graphics editing programs, or perhaps something from the corporate environment you'd rather not replace just yet. You may get a notice that it isn't compatible, but if you select "run anyway", it likely will run OK.

And Windows 10 is improving. All of us Insiders sending in our Feedback and suggestions is helping to encourage useful changes. Two heads really are better than one. As I said in a rant to Microsoft in 2009, maybe us unwashed masses can't do code like you do, but we do know what we like, and what we'd like to have, and what's bugging us about what we've got now, and that information should be useful in designing a better Windows. And it was. I was right. And if little Sally is still there, and still reading this stuff, a warm hug to you!