Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Mighty Microsoft: so-so, Sahib...

The popularity of 'The Cloud' eludes me. External hard-drives and extra storage isn't that expensive these days. And if we can't trust those around us, what makes us think we can trust strangers?

And while Mighty Microsoft is still ballyhooing its cloud storage and its loyal enterprise customer base, it isn't bragging about the fact that users of the now defunct Windows XP are still twice as numerous as those using any flavor of their latest Windows 8/8.1, and about half the desktop world still prefers Win-7.

Meanwhile, Apple announces a public test beta of their latest OS-X version, and it looks somewhat similar to this Unix-derived PC-BSD that I've got on here...
Possibly because both came originally from Unix code, and are still related.

And I like this PC-BSD - it's more exclusive. And probably more fun to play with.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

One of my favorite freebies = just updated

There's more to this than just a pretty face, as you see below....


The insanity continues...

It goes without saying that demolishing 5 mosques certainly won't endear the Israelis to their Arab neighbors, and we don't mean just those being fired upon across the border there. The whole world is watching in disgust and wondering when, if ever, some semblance of sanity and compassion will return to this region.

This has been going on sporadically for 66 years, because each side believes that if they make themselves obnoxious enough, and repulsive enough, and violent enough, then the other side will quietly pack up and go away somewhere else and leave that area to them. Both sides are fighting a losing battle, because neither side has shown any hint of giving in or giving up. And they're all too stupid or too bull-headed to admit they are getting nowhere in 66 years of conflict and misery. If that isn't a sign of some kind of delusional behavior, then it certainly ought to be. When you can't win, can't see that, won't try to compromise, and think you're right and everyone else is wrong, then by most definitions you're 'mentally challenged', or just plain crazy.

And it's damned difficult to convince the rest of us to offer you help, when you so obviously refuse to help yourselves by stopping the bloodshed.

Monday, July 21, 2014

We knew that already....

We knew this wasn't going to have a great answer, because if Las Vegas is where neon goes to die, television is where your brain goes to die, while being brainwashed one-third of every hour with some of the most repetitive and stupid commercials imaginable.

Of my last three purchases of a television set, two of those are now in use as 30-inch monitors on my computers, and the third, slightly larger, is for the latest news and weather. The rest of what's on there is either mindless crap, or so old it makes me feel like I'm caught in a time warp, not unlike The Rocky Horror Picture Show, but without the delightful Susan Sarandon in her unmentionables.

Privacy, with a 'P' as in Paranoid

After some of the more colorful recent scandals making the news, we've all got a fairly detailed impression of what Italians may be doing online. So today's Question Everything is: "Are you mentioning all this at Confession?"

Would you believe? A carrot clarinet...

All I can say is "WOW!"

And thanks to Marilyn Jane for sending this along to me. 

And after you have a Registry problem.....

Even if another program has fixed that problem for you, it's still a good idea to run Command Prompt in Administrator mode, and use the DISM.exe tool, which
means 'Deployment Image Servicing and Management' tool, and that will restore your operating system's Image to its original condition for you. It scans it in 20% sections, and draws a dotted line between those end brackets, until it has reached 100%, and then it reports what it found.....

And with that successfully completed, you know you're OK and can get on with your day. This also works for any other situation in which you may want to confirm that the operating system is maintaining its integrity, and it doesn't take nearly as long as reinstalling the system might.

Attention Malwarebytes users: It's got problems!

Here's what I found when I tried to start the Premium version of Malwarebytes this morning.... it wouldn't start, so I ran  its Chameleon rootkit-finder, and it had problems too.... (see screenshots)...

Then I went into Control Panel > Programs and Features, and uninstalled it.
After making sure it was all gone, I tried downloading a fresh copy, and it showed errors, so I had to once again uninstall that. Later I tried downloading the freebie version, but it had even more scripting and other errors, and again I had to uninstall that.

Next, and I recommend this, I ran Norton Power Eraser, and it scanned the system and found there was a problem in the Registry, which it fixed. Again I tried downloading a fresh copy of Malwarebytes, and again I got scripting and external errors, and again I used Norton Power Eraser to find and fix Registry problems.

My Registry is once again fixed, and I don't have my paid-for version of Malwarebytes, because something has contaminated it, and they haven't got it fixed yet, and if you put in a trouble ticket, it will be maybe three or four days before they can get to answering you, because they are being sent so many complaints. So just be patient, and use something else. Like Avast Internet Security or SuperAntiSpyware Pro, or preferably both. And don't forget Norton Power Eraser. It works!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

From the Moscow Times...

The story can be seen here.

With all the media attention to this tragedy, there hasn't been a lot of discussion yet about whether or not you ought to be using anti-aircraft rockets if you're intoxicated.

There also hasn't been much mention of electronic identification systems like IFF or ATR. And even if you aren't military you can go to this website to identify anything on radar which may be flying in your area, or anywhere else in the world, if you choose the location you wish to view. 

So there's absolutely no excuse for shooting down a commercial airliner and then trying to say "you thought it was a military aircraft". That's just patently obvious bullshit to cover your ignorance and incompetence. So let's just get that on the table right now.