Sunday, April 12, 2015

Toward 2016...

While I would rather see Hillary in the White House than any of those Koch-bought Republicans, it's too bad our best hope comes down to recycling the 'same old, same old'.... can't any of the young stuff get off its ass and stand on its own two feet, and campaign like it wasn't just repeating words someone else put into its mouth?

And why do so many Americans misunderstand their own Constitution and its Second Amendment? Just as a quick review, that came long before modern guns were invented, back during times when the greatest threat to America was the possibility of being re-invaded by the British, French or native Indians. And rifles in those times were muzzle-loaders which held and fired only a single shot and it took time to reload one of those, during which, you had plenty of time to get yourself killed. There were no repeating firearms.

Here's a little world chronology for us.
1776 - American Declaration of Independence.
1781 - British surrender to Washington at Yorktown.
1783 - Britain recognizes independence of American Colonies.
1789 - George Washington becomes first President of USA.
1791 - Bill of Rights ratified by US Congress.
1835 - Samuel Colt patents revolver.
1862 - Gatling patents machine gun.
1866 - Winchester introduces repeating rifle.

It was 44 years after the ratification of the Bill of Rights when Sam Colt patented his famous revolver. And that Second Amendment was intended to authorize ordinary citizens to bear arms for the defense of their country, not to go out hunting each other. Will someone please explain all this to Wayne LaPierre and his goddamned National Rifle Association?

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