Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Sunrise! Another day begins....

I'm glad I opened the drapes and had a look, or I might have missed it.

And it's "Goodbye, Windows 10" on my #1 computer. I hadn't used it for a week or so, and then yesterday, it said I couldn't have Build 10525 unless I first of all joined Windows Insiders. And I've been a Windows Insider since last November the fifteenth, through all those gestation pains and all the bullshit, so I quietly said "Fuck This! Where's Easeus Partition Master?" And it's right where it always is, so I switched onto the Win-7 O/S, used EasyBCD to make that the Default boot system, then used Easeus Partition Master to format the Win-10 partition, and then merge that into the boot Win-7 one. Peace returns to the valley. And I'm now down to one PC with Win-10 on it. The other still has Win-7 and 8.1, both of which are alive and well.

And speaking of Win-7, I discovered yesterday that if I downloaded the Windows Management Framework 4.0 ......

...I can have the latest Windows Powershell working in Windows 7, and this again shows that Windows 7 is still very much alive and well - and it's still more user-friendly than anything since. And still being used on more PCs. If I was picking an operating system to convert into "Windows as a Service" my choice would be Windows 7. It works with any browser of your choice, it's a rock-solid system that ten million of us tested, and it really kicks ass! What more do you need?

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