Friday, August 28, 2015

Testing Edge in Build 10532

The title here is misleading, because I'm still not able to do this blog using the new but unfinished browser Edge. The goddamned thing won't add pictures, and I'm a very visual kind of guy. So I'm not using the damned thing. Mighty Microsoft, please take note: your minions over in Bunga Bunga still do not understand feedback saying "No Workee, Dumb Ass!" And I'm veddy veddy sure of this. And totally pissed off!

It takes three goddamned hours to download, configure, and install this shit, and then while all that's going on, my other computer on the same line can't update its security or receive updates of its own. Before Windows as a Service, we could always use one PC while another was updating, but that was obviously too good to last, so some shithead had to go and fuck that all up. Thanks a hell of a lot! And may I remind everyone there are other free operating systems you can download and use, and it won't take you three hours to get on line with it.

This whole process was much faster when we downloaded an ISO File and burned it to disc, and installed from that. That was usually a two-hour process, that has now become three hours, thanks to modern technology. I was a hell of a lot better off with my Canon word-processor and a Fax Machine! At least on those, I didn't have to wait three hours to get them up and doing something. And they never prevented me from using another PC on line. They just worked.

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