Friday, August 21, 2015

Testing Edge .....

This is a test of the build 10525 version of the Edge browser.

Attempting to post a picture with this is still unsuccessful. I can select one, but it is not being added to the post here when I try.

On the other hand, if I switch to Firefox, as we're about to discover here, I have no trouble posting a picture to this blog entry.....

The Edge browser is improving, because it at least will create text here now without parts of the editor page being missing as previously, but it still isn't completely useful for creating text and adding pictures to this blog. And I don't need to add that a browser isn't much good if it can't do all that.

I suspect the difficulty lies somewhere between Google and Microsoft coming to an arrangement to co-operate with one another on matters like this, and so far, it seems there's not a lot of progress. And I don't enjoy being the "fallout".

1 comment:

  1. Keep up the good work there Ray. Actually, I have the iso file for Win 10 and am about take the plunge on an new empty drive.

    IF things see ok I'll begin to migrate my applications and data to it. But, I'll be keeping my Win 7 drive in tact for a bit just to make sure. Like, it would be nice to be able to update my blog with Edge...