Wednesday, September 16, 2015

More about Linux Mint 17.2

This is its "out of the box" desktop design, before I apply any of the many others.

And this shows how the hard-drive is now partitioned between Windows and the Linux installation. I'm really impressed with how easily and completely the Linux installer did all this, and kept the Windows with its own boot sector. This one does that much easier and more accurately than the PC-BSD installer, which didn't see the Windows on its PC. 

The .iso file for PC-BSD 10.2 is 4.1 Gb, while this is only 1.5 Gb, and yet this does the better job, more accurately, and quicker. And offers 30,000 choices of other items that can be installed in various categories, if you had the space and time. This promises to be an interesting operating system..... and now, for another background for it, because this one's just a wee bit bland....

Much better! Fiji on an almost perfect day!

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