Saturday, September 12, 2015

More fun with PC-BSD...

Today, let's look at changing the desktop wallpaper, or "backgrounds" if you prefer.

This is probably easier than Windows, and to change the desktop wallpaper, first of all, you'll need to go into your user's folder in "Dolphin" (the Windows Explorer here) to your own folder, and inside its collection of folders, create a new one for Wallpapers. "How?" you ask. Easy! Just right-click anywhere on an empty spot, select "Create New", and then in the drop-down which appears, choose "New Folder", click it, and then when it appears with the others, give it a name. You can call it "Fred", but maybe "Wallpapers" is more descriptive....

We did that because.... Because now you can put some images in there, sized to fit the dimensions of your Desktop ("native resolution" to you techies) and then, when you go onto your Desktop, anywhere there's an unused spot, and right-click it for a little menu, and select the bottom item "Folder Settings" it shows you the window in the image above, which is your go-to place for wallpapers, both those that came with it, and your add-ins. I like the ones it comes with, but I like to add to those, so in that window, under the panel where it shows available choices, I click on that button marked "Open", and that lets me navigate - you guessed it - back to my own folder of saved Wallpapers. I can select one of those, click its "Open" button, and it gets added into the panel of choices in this program. Neat, huh?

The top four items in that panel of choices, above, are ones I've just added, so I know this works - I've just done it. Like I said the other day, this is a nice operating system, and if you'd like something non-Microsoft, this is an excellent choice. I could write a commercial for this operating system. And maybe I just have..... you should try it!

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