Monday, September 14, 2015

Politics: Is Canada any better than others?

Our election is 34 days away, and suddenly the governing party announces a budget surplus of 1.9 billions. The previous year, there was a several-billions deficit.  So, you are asking, "Is this Magic?". Not likely. I think it's more likely called "cooking the books". And even if it's legitimately a real surplus, how damned convenient for a government whose leader's chances of re-election have been described as "toast" by my favorite Globe and Mail columnist, the ever-radiant Margaret Wente.

And Margaret should know. She's had her eye on the ball and her ear to the ground and her shoulder to the wheel for quite a while. She once was an editor of the Globe and Mail, and is very well connected. And an entertaining author, too. 

I can almost forgive her for being born 12 miles from the heart of downtown Chicago. I might, if she would write another book.... When this one came out, I turned this cover into a desktop background, and sent it to her. She even said, "Thanks!"

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