Sunday, September 13, 2015

Still having fun with PC-BSD......

That light-colored bar across the top of the desktop is the media player in its windowshade mode, and I'm happily listening to Jazz24 from as I'm writing this. 

As I've probably said before on here, once you start exploring the rest of the cyberspace universe, you'll probably be pleasantly surprised to discover there really is one, and it is quite user friendly. It can do for you the same kinds of things you might perhaps have thought were the exclusive prerogatives of Apple or Microsoft. 

And speaking of Mighty Microsoft, I can't resist telling you that their semi-famous Windows 10 isn't as freshly minted as this version of PC-BSD 10.2, which was released in mid-August, a couple of weeks after the big fuss about Windows 10. So this isn't anyone's "mouldy oldie". It's fresh from the boys in the back room, and it really kicks ass. I've been using it long enough to make sure.

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