Friday, September 4, 2015

That illustration of Chakras yesterday comes from.....

This YouTube video of meditation music done by a couple who were quite popular on 12-inch vinyl records sold at our local counterculture bookstore and record shop, in the university district here, back in the 'Flower Power Era' and it is still in business there, but bears little to no resemblance to the comfy and incense-laden atmosphere of the original, which we all knew and loved.

The old original Banyen's Books and Music, along with the beautiful souls who could be found there, was mainly responsible for changing this bigoted smart-ass into an almost-likable human being. And for that I'm grateful, and I still miss it as it was back in the seventies and eighties. It had a very special feeling that was infectious, and I always left there feeling much better than when I entered it, and yet I couldn't quite explain that if asked. It was almost a magical place, and I couldn't help feeling better from being there. I loved it.

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