Saturday, September 12, 2015

This is NOT Windows I'm using today.....

I got tired of being nagged about installing Windows 10 on my Windows 7, while I've had two computers loaded with test versions of Windows 10 since last November 15th. So I "cleaned house" on this computer, which once had three Windows systems on it. Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 Evaluation copy Build 10532. It now has one partition for the 460 Gb hard-drive, and the operating system on here now is PC-BSD version 10.2, the latest stable version.

Not your average Windows. More like Apple's OS-X. Both are derived from Unix, and are therefore related, but no, you can't swap Widgets between them, nor programs. Each has its own versions, and while they're "kissing cousins" they aren't interchangeable. And that's good. Variety is the spice of life. The big difference, for which we should all be thankful, is that PC-BSD is an open-source "freebie", while Apple's hardware and programming is anything but free. In fact, it sets records in the industry for its "non-freene$$".

In the second image above, I'm showing a folder tree window, and you Windows users may be wondering "where's the ribbon in the title bar section, to choose what to do?" And the answer is: "We don't need one." If you want to make another new folder, just right-click a blank area in there, and choose "Create New" for a drop-down that offers more choices. This uses right-clicks and drop-downs and innocuous tricks like this, rather than ostentatious decorations of an often superfluous nature.

"And why is that?" you ask. Because Mighty Microsoft has 118,000 employees that must be kept gainfully employed making a profit for the corporation, and they can't always do that while applying the old saying "Keep It Simple, Stupid" so they have to think up plausible excuses for adding "make-work projects" to the job at hand, to keep everyone busy while the boss plays golf, and the users are either amused or frustrated by the whole conglomeration. And they don't seem to much care which, so today's Question Everything is, "Why should I?"

So I'm moving on to something more interesting, because a change is as good as a rest.

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