Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Win-10, Build 10547.....

In this one, there's a few raggedy edges, including an inability to run gadgets, and that's a bummer for me, because I do like them. And if you do get a couple running, the CPU will be working its ass off and making things slower. So the line of least resistance was to remove them, reluctantly. 

I ranted about this before, but may I please do it again? Please? Gadgets were originally removed by Microsoft with the excuse they were easy carriers of viruses and malware. Possibly, but the same security programs which protect all the other stuff in your computer are also going to be overseeing the gadgets, naturally, so I didn't buy that "security risk" argument, and neither should you. If you scan the stuff on its way in, or have Malwarebytes Premium which does it automatically, then there's no big hairy problem. So Microsoft must have been looking at something else and just didn't want us distracted with cute gadgets.

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