Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Win-10: New Theme this morning...

It begins with one of Win-10's solid colors of backgrounds, and then I added a darker tint in 25% increments until I got bored with all that and stopped.

That was all done with a treasured old copy of PhotoStudio 5.5 from 2003. And that brings me to today's Question Everything which is: "If I can run a 2003 vintage graphics editing program in the latest build 10547 of Win-10, then why can't I run Helmut Buhler's great and most recent "8gadgetpack" in here? And I mean without the CPU going nuts, and most of those gadgets not loading? They all worked fine in previous versions of Windows 10. In fact, I've been bragging about how nicely Windows 10 runs older programs like PhotoStudio, and then some whiz-kid in Mighty Microsoft's Redmond, Washington main office decides to make a liar out of me.  Not nice, Kiddies! I want those gadgets back! And Helmut says it's going to be a month or more before he can fix whatever you guys F-F-F-F-Fiddled with. And by then, we'll probably have to do it again.....

Moving right along here, Question Everything #2 is: "Would you like to get rid of the Lock Screen?" If the answer is "Yes!" then I have a Registry hack for you:-

Navigate to: HKLM > Software > Policies > Microsoft > Windows > Personalization, and in the right pane (values pane) create a new 32-bit Dword called NoLockScreen, and then right-click on that name to bring up its values window, and give it a Hexadecimal Value of 01, meaning "no lock screen, thanks". And then you can close Registry, and test your new hack. And if you ever change your mind and want the Lock Screen back, just go back into that, and change its value to zero, and Voila! the Lock Screen returns.

And Question Everything #3 today is: "If Linux Mint can automatically detect a Windows 7 partition on the hard-drive, and work around that, preserving Windows, then why can't it see Windows 10 on a hard-drive, instead of reporting "There are no installed systems on this drive...." ?

Here's today's new theme in action, doing its thing on here.

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