Monday, September 21, 2015

Win-10: Still testing it. (Some notes)

In the latest version (V15) of '8gadgetpack' not all of the gadgets have yet been fully optimized for the latest builds of Windows 10, so there may be some, like its most popular "All CPU" gadget, which will act a bit strangely. These aren't the result of viruses or malware. I've scanned them. It's just a matter of Microsoft and Helmut Buhler being at different places on the page, so to speak.

But I have always loved these gadgets, even when Microsoft decided we shouldn't, with that incomprehensible excuse that "they might contain viruses". As I pointed out, rather obviously, our anti-virus and malware programs that cover everything else in our computers would probably be unable to avoid covering those gadgets simultaneously. And if you have the purchased or "Premium" version of Malwarebytes Antimalware, it has a feature that blocks incoming malware before it gets in, and it puts up a little pop-up window in the lower right corner of your screen, to show you it did that, and to display the IP Address of the offending item. In case you want to blacklist it.

Lastly, for now, in the screenshot above, you'll notice a changed Recycle Bin. That's a gadget from 8gadgetpack . Quite a few of us who have been testing Windows 10 have mentioned that the default version of Recycle Bin isn't too esthetically appealing, and by a happy coincidence, this little gadget can be placed exactly over it, and works even better. The little icon beside its "X" will display some notes and configuration data, and when something's in it, the words next to it will change to tell you how many items, and their size. To empty it, you can use your normal context drop-down, or simply click on the little "X".

And my "rolled up" windowblind-style blog page in the screenshot is done with  Wil Palma's "Winroll", still working great, ever since Win-XP. And I love it!

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