Saturday, September 5, 2015

Windows 10: Bitdefender Free in Windows 10, Build 10532

A picture is still worth a thousand words. This isn't yet supposed to be compatible with Windows 10, and I must admit there was a bit of a struggle going on in the system while I was getting it installed, but I won.

It's in here, and it's up to date, and it's registered with Bitdefender, and working quietly in the background, just like it is designed to do. I like this, and I wanted this back in this latest version of Windows 10, because it not only gets a very high rating for grabbing the bad guys, but it does all that without the usual care and feeding that other antiviruses usually need - especially those free ones. You usually have to update them manually, and then hope they're doing what they promised. 

This updates itself at regular intervals and begins scans when it decides one should be done, and all with "hands off" on my part. Just install it, sign in with Bitdfefender, and leave it alone to do its thing. If it needs your help, it will say so. And that's my kind of antivirus! I could write a commercial for this, and I think I just did... So please - resist the urge to tell me it doesn't work in Win-10.

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