Saturday, September 5, 2015

Windows 10: Microsoft Asks (again!)

When I first started Windows 10 this morning, I got a Feedback Question from Microsoft's "Mission Control" asking me why I was using Internet Explorer 11, instead of Microsoft Edge, or another browser.

This stopped me right there, because it seemed like such a strange question, since Microsoft makes and is proud of both I.E. and Edge browsers, as far as I'm aware. And they have told us that if the new Edge for some reason doesn't do as we wish, then we should use Internet Explorer. And I really don't like having to remind the folks at Microsoft that their fancy new Edge isn't quite done yet, but I thought, "OK, I'll give this another shot, since they're asking."

So I told them of my difficulties trying to use Edge to post a picture on here in my Google 'Blogger' blog, explaining it just doesn't ever finish the job, but instead, it goes only so far, and then freezes at the point where I'm clicking the button to add the selected image to the body of this blog, like so.......

....and then, I have to do a Reboot to clear the frozen screen and get back into Windows 10 again, then select another browser, like Chrome, or Firefox, or Opera, to actually finish this posting. At this moment, I'm using Chrome, because I figure if anything ought to complete a posting properly in a Google Blogger Blog, it would most likely be Google's own pet browser. I have lots of faith in Opera, and Mozilla's Firefox also, but today started badly, and I'm not in a mood for tempting fate. 

And if anyone at Microsoft is reading this, and I fervently hope so, then you can now see for yourself what this problem looks like. The browser shown in the image above is Edge at the point where it stops doing what it's told.

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