Saturday, September 5, 2015

Windows Graphical Boot Menu

If for some reason you lose the nice modern light blue and white selection page on your dual boot or multi boot system, and instead find yourself looking at the old reliable black-and-white version, and your regular method of restoring the more modern one doesn't seem to be working for you this time, here's another method to try....

Download and install EasyBCD if you haven't got it already, and then open it,
and select "Useful Utilities" at the bottom of the left-hand selections buttons. In Useful Utilities, click on the middle icon in the top row of three, called "EasyBCD Power Console" and this opens a new window very much like the familiar Command Prompt or Windows Powershell window. And you use it the very same way. At the cursor, run the command bcdboot C:\Windows and press Enter.

You can then close command utility just like we do in CMD Prompt, by typing the word exit after it tells you it did what you asked. You can now close those open windows of EasyBCD, and reboot your system. Voila! The desired boot selection window is back! (Works for me!) Give this a try.

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