Friday, October 2, 2015

Another 'Spaceflight' with Stellarium...

Jupiter from its moon Europa.

Jupiter from Callisto.

Jupiter from Io.

Saturn from Titan.

Saturn from Tethys.

Saturn from space.

Neptune from space.

Uranus from space.

Pluto from its moon Charon.


  1. Where are you seeing these planets from Ray?

  2. Hi, Paula -

    Sorry for the delay replying. My excuse is, I've been trying to find a way
    to get two rather incompatible operating systems to share the drive in my
    quad-core computer, and finally, after almost a week of trial and error,
    I've succeeded!

    But I'm digressing again. Sorry about that. Answering your question,
    I'm seeing these planets in a free planetarium program for your computer
    called "Stellarium" - I'll do a posting for you here on the main page....