Friday, October 2, 2015

The Bird....

Contrary to whatever one might assume, our official provincial bird isn't the ever-present Seagull. It's the Steller's Jay, and this year we've had an especially fine hatching of the noisy little critters. They carefully check out the balconies of these high-rises, and many of us leave little treats out there for them. They like things like croutons, or puffed wheat cereal, or pieces of bread or toast. If they find a goodly supply, they'll pack it off to a secret hiding place, and keep coming back until it's all gone. And they're cute.


  1. They are beautiful birds! Their colouring is amazing and there are quite a few of them out there.

  2. Last time shopping at Save On, I bought a bag of something called "Shrimp Crackers" and they look like crinkle-cut potato chips, but they sure don't taste or smell like potato chips.

    They are made in Korea, and at the check-out, there was an Oriental gal on the cash, so i asked her if she had ever tried these. She made a bit of a face, and said "They are very "Shrimpy"...". When I opened them at home, I immediately knew what she meant. They smelled like a whole bunch of shrimp had died in there. I tasted one, and it didn't taste much better than it smelled. So I decided to feed them to the birds.

    I spread out a bunch of them along the edge of the balcony for the birds. The crows and the Jays came, looked at them, and just like me, they left them alone. So then I had to sweep all that up, and put the whole works in the garbage. If my crows here won't eat them, then I'm certainly not trying them either.