Thursday, November 26, 2015

Autumn - George Winston


Tommy said...

I thank you dear Ray. I really like the music of George Winston and listened to it this morning as I ate my breakfast.

Ray said...

I love it too, and I have that 12-inch LP here, as well as:-

* December (1982)
* Winter Into Spring (1982)
* Ballads and Blues (1972)

Also from Windham Hill Productions, I have:-

The first "A Winter's Solstice" (1985) [there are now five or more in the series]
William Ackerman - "Conferring with the Moon" (1986)

I was pleasantly surprised to find most of these on YouTube when I looked.
Being "New Age" music, I hadn't thought to look on there for some reason.

I'm glad you enjoy it too. It's lovely music, and a nice change from
the usual thump-thump-thump and bang-bang-bang.

There was some interesting stuff done back in the seventies, and I only
have one or two of those left around here now. One is called
Tibetan Bells II by Henry Wolff and Nancy Hennings (1981)

I had several others along that same kind, but a few years ago,
I went through my collection, and weeded out about 150 or so
that I felt I would probably never play again, and of course,
now that I've had time to think all that over, I sometimes wish
I hadn't been so hasty. But they didn't go to waste.
At the time, we had a spot on the first level of our underground
garages where we could leave things that others might want, and
I was told later that several people here really appreciated the
free records. So those didn't end up in a land fill.