Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Cute little milk bottle...

Our local Avalon Dairy still packages its milk products in real glass bottles, on which we happily pay a one-dollar deposit, just because some things ought to be preserved and encouraged, and supported. The milk keeps better in glass bottles, and the container doesn't collapse if you squeeze it, like those waxed paper ones so popular with the big city dairy companies. And our home-grown dairy is going to be celebrating its 110th anniversary in 2016. They recently moved into a new and bigger and ultra-modern facility out in the 'burbs here, from their old original downtown site that had become surrounded by the city. The products thankfully remain the same, and we love it!

That coffee mug beside the bottle was given to me by 'Dear Editor' as a token of appreciation for helping her find the right words to inspire her readers to join in throwing out a corrupt provincial premier here a few years ago. I sent her a very tightly edited two or three or four-paragraph one-page fax each morning for months, with thoughts and ideas for her to use in exposing "the bad guys" to readers, and it worked. We got rid of the bastards! Or, as we said at the time, "The pen really is mightier than the sword." Except that it wasn't a pen, it was a great little Canon Starwriter 30 and a Sanyo fax machine that did it. And the mug is my reminder that "spin-doctors" can be unspun if we really try. Patricia, the Editor, put it this way: "We're going to hold their feet to the fire until they just can't stand it any longer and leave." And that's how it was.

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