Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Family vs Friends.....

My family doesn't even remember my birthday, but my friends do....

Would you believe this came in from my nearby Dodge dealership? It's nice to be appreciated. It's the little things that count. And keep me coming back...


  1. Ray, you never let us know when your birthday was.

    Happy Birthday and I'll put on my calendar for next year....


  2. Yea and forsooth, Kind Sire, but methinks you confabulate yourself for naught.
    I am of the ageless variety, and not bound by the shackles of earthly measure.

    And November the 11th sucks big time as a Birthday. Would I lie to you?

  3. I agree, but mine is one month closer to Christmas and as a kid any presents were always spread out between the two.

    Your "Kind Sire" :-)