Saturday, November 14, 2015

Flavor your coffee....With this....


  1. Might not be available in the good ole US of A, there Ray. First of all, it's in French, but otherwise they might not market or sell it here. We were in Nova Scotia a few years and had some Scallops at the resort we were staying at. They were VERY good so I asked for the recipe, which they were glad to give to me. One of the ingredients a sauce, if I remember right, made by Wishbone. We can get all sorts of Wishbone products in the States, but not that one. I was shocked..

  2. Hi, Tom .....

    You are probably forgetting that we have two official languages, and the federal
    government insists that everybody use both of them on labels for Corn Flakes, and
    Spices, and everything else, including Poopy Paper....

    So please don't be confused by that French below the English on the label.
    And the very fact that English appears first is probably another reason why
    our French province would like to separate from the rest of Canada.

    Telling our Francophones that nine out of ten provinces are English doesn't help,
    because as far as they are concerned, the damned English stole Canada from the French
    in that battle at Quebec City in 1759, and they'd rather go to hell than forget it.
    And ever since then, we've been kissing French asses to pacify the poor babies,
    giving them extra shares of government contracts, and choosing our federal government
    leaders from Quebec, and all like that. Nothing satisfies them, because we're still
    here, and nine tenths of the country is still English, instead of French. And there's
    nothing we're going to do about that. So they bitch and moan and howl and yell while
    growing fat on the constant "peace offerings" the rest of us keep begging them to accept.

    And if you think all that is totally ridiculous, welcome to the club!
    Excuse me - I meant to say: Bienvenue au club!