Monday, November 23, 2015

Installing Windows 10 from its optional ISO file.... Woof!

From such inauspicious beginnings as this, Windows is still a humbling, fumbling excuse for a viable communications system decipherable by those of exceedingly modest mentality. Like your arthritic old Granny, or cousin Wilhelm in Sveeden, or that secondary school dropout next door who fancies himself a really "with it" computerizer. And how, pray tell, do I know any of this?

I've just tried installing Windows 10, Build 10586, using its optional .iso file download, suitably burned to disc using ImgBurn, and verified by it to be totally correct in each and every respect - and 'respect' shouldn't even be mentioned in the same breath as this subject, trust me! What an abortionary, disgusting and frustrating experience this was! From a semi-respected, quasi-scientific, almost-universally-available entity like Mighty Microsoft. Forty years on the Information Highway, and we still can't do a series of restarts successfully while installing from a disc that presumably has everything it needs on it to complete its tasks. At the very first reboot, the goddamned thing starts over from its beginning, not just once, but several tries in a row, and only completes by using the normally not required "Repair my computer" function!!! I am not quite at a loss for words here, but those springing to mind are all of the 'F-bomb' variety! WOOF!

And on a day like this, I'd happily trade all this PC shit for my faithful old I.B.M. Selectric with its drawer full of font element balls. Anyone remember the Old English one? Now there was a classic! And then along came a couple of boobs who thought we could be happier making them richer. We might have been too, except we're still impatiently waiting for them to get it right!!!

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