Monday, November 16, 2015

Lunatics are not terrorists just because they say so...

Sometimes, a lunatic is just simply a lunatic, using a convenient excuse to claim his fifteen minutes of fame, while claiming association with an evil gang of outlaws. 

So we have "vigil coordinators" and a media frenzy, and citizens expressing their solidarity by going out into the streets again, just like usual. And those lunatics have already achieved their goals, because we played their game, and let them win. We not only let them win, we made them martyrs of insanity.

Any "loose cannon" can inspire panic in the faceless masses of the great unwashed simply by going crazy while blaming it on "ISIS" or some other acronymously named nefarious group of bandits. Candle and floral tribute sales go through the roof, hand-wringing is raised to an art form, and along come the inevitable hijab-clad "vigil coordinators". Spare me, please! And lest you wonder, vigil co-ordination is a very old and respectable occupation, dating back to the 'good old days' in ancient Egypt, where professional troupes of mourners hired themselves out to needy but financially secure bereaved of the community. With well-rehearsed ululations, songs and dances yet. And healthy appetites for the left-overs of the requisite funerary feasts.

So don't be deceived. There's nothing new under the sun, and everything old is new again.

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