Friday, November 27, 2015

Microsoft asks "Have you tried color in your Title Bars yet?"

Dear Mighty Microsoft:

Please see below for an example of a colorful title bar, and yes, I like it! Thank you for asking. And for my other readers, yes, it works, and you can have it too.

And now that MBAM has completed its scan, and assures me I'm clean, I can show you what's underneath that - the regular desktop. And you will notice that the dominant color from the desktop background is the one that is picked up by the system to use as the color for the Taskbar and Title Bars of your Windows.

I thought I should explain, because this is a good example of the successful operation of our Feedback system among our many Windows Insiders and Microsoft's Windows 10 home base. Microsoft can ask us questions, and we can reply and send back suggestions and screenshots to them, and this system works like a charm. I love it. And to get back to the point, this above was one of the  requests from a Windows Insider which Microsoft approved and in the words of Captain Picard of the Enterprise, decided to "Make It So!".  And it is.

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