Friday, November 27, 2015

Notes about the Celtic Woman concert video below...

Google for some reason frustrates one's attempts to add an edit under videos posted to the blog directly from YouTube, so rather than  spend time removing and replacing the original with an entry containing text, I'm adding text here.

It must be the recent full moon, coupled perhaps with the recent arrival of my 2016 Lunar Calendar, "Dedicated to the goddess in her many guises", along with the frost on rooftops recently, which put me into Christmas mode, and got me thinking especially about 'family'. I had a long, overdue, and very welcome chat yesterday with my gay Number One Son, whom I love dearly, and as we do, we got talking about various family members we've known and sometimes loved, or sometimes not, and I'm reminded that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

My roots are from English and Irish, and his are from those as well as German on his mother's side, and there's probably a heavy Celtic influence in all of it. We seem to have a grasp of spirituality and the occult not limited to usually accepted traditions, but reaching beyond time and place to other realms only nebulously engaged, but fascinating in their mysterious temptations.

But I'm digressing again. Please don't turn off that Celtic Woman video at the end of the concert portion, because following that, there's a nicely intimate session with just the four girls and their pianist/conductor around the big Steinway Concert Grand, where each contributes one more delightful offering.

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