Thursday, November 12, 2015

Old Computer - New Operating System

I've been so busy lately on this second of my two computers, I've neglected to check the oldest one, with the quad-core processor, on which I'm testing Windows 10. So today, it's busily downloading and installing its latest Build 10586, and it isn't done that yet, so I can't try it out just now.

I've been one of the Windows Insiders testers now since November 15th, 2014, so this coming Sunday will mark a full year of using Windows 10, and sending in my "feedback" about it to the folks at Mighty Microsoft. I still have a few little reservations about it, notably the question of why our designers have chosen to say "We don't like Desktop Gadgets, so we aren't going to let those run in our latest versions of Windows 10." And as I demonstrated a few weeks back, these gadgets that I love so much really still do work in Windows 10 - at least some of them do. And the good folks at 8gadgetpack are working very hard to get it all fixed up to run everything we were using before in Win 8.1, so please stay tuned.

As I've explained before, any security risk posed by desktop gadgets is going to be covered by the same protections you have installed to protect everything else on your computer. And if you want an excellent program which can and does block incoming malware attempting to gain entry to your system, then you should get the Premium version of Malwarebytes which does that, and as it is doing that, it shows you a pop-up to tell you the IP Address of the attempted invading item, so that you can (A) search its location, and (B) add it to your blocked listings. So my advice is, don't go surfing without it.

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