Friday, November 20, 2015

Population Explosion Explained......

It's all about Milk Trucks...............................

I woke up this morning feeling 'young & horny & desperate' and after making my essential first cuppa, with Breakfast Coffee and Avalon Dairy Cereal Cream and lots of sugar, I started surfing for my favorite Czech pornstar, and stumbled onto a site called '' on which is a section called 'over 30'.

So there's this overweight momma lying back on a chaise, arms above head, smiling like a basket of bananas, and displaying the figure of a Milk Truck !!!

That's what's wrong! When we get all shook up, we can't tell the difference between a shapely young thing and a goddamned milk truck! So there's over seven billions of us, stumbling around, wondering "where did we go wrong?"
And that's where! Would I lie to you? 

And that sweet and lovely Czech pornstar? Never did find her. I think she's retired now, and spending her fortune on tropical vacations, lucky thing! She knew what others ought to;  girls would rather have beauty than brains, because guys can see better than they can think.

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