Wednesday, November 18, 2015

"Stormy Weather" the real, not the song.

I went to the Doctor at 1:15 yesterday, as the weather was getting more interesting, so that I could show him how to cough. While waiting in his examining room, I got watching a Windows Insiders video on his computer terminal, and when he walked in, we had a question-and-answer session about Windows 10, and how I like it. He has Windows 7 Pro on his stuff.

Then, I showed him my cough, and he showed me a requisition for a chest X-ray to get on my way home. I mentioned that my new Oxygen Level Meter reads "97" on my toe, but only "93" on my finger. He said, "That's fairly normal, so you shouldn't worry about it." After a stop at the X-ray clinic a few blocks back along my way home, for that chest X-ray, front and left side, I got home in time for the little girl on the gate security to mouth the words "No Power" as we waved to one another at her security booth, and the rain by then was coming mostly sideways. That was around three-thirty. We got the power back almost exactly on the stroke of 5:00 p.m., as I was listening to the news on my little crank-to-recharge portable radio.

Washed out seawall section on the Stanley Park Seawall between Third Beach and Prospect Point, near Lions Gate Bridge (out of sight, right.)

This morning's latest outages report and repair forecasts from B.C. Hydro, my old Alma Mater. They really are getting better at this, and I never thought I'd ever say that. In my next life, I'm not even going to learn how to spell the word "electricity" unless forced to do it by someone bigger and meaner than I am.

Bremerton, WA is just west of Seattle, as the ferry sails. This storm stretched all along the coasts of Washington and southern British Columbia. Seattle is about 150 miles south of Vancouver, B.C., so this was a big storm, rather typical of November on 'The Wet Coast'. 

And this is what happens when you turn on the camera and extend the zoom without first removing the lens cap. It doesn't focus correctly after, unless you again switch it off and then on again, to reset the zooming apparatus, and quite obviously, I didn't do that, in my haste to get this reflection of the sun in the several windows up on "snob hill" this morning. Out-of-focus or not, it still shows the effect I was trying to capture, so score one for Old Fumblefingers. And do try to enjoy your day. Ours looks a hell of a lot better than yesterday! (But I'm now stocked up on candles and batteries, and like that...)

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