Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Well-Tempered Linux Mint

This is a nice picture! Whoever took it would probably have gotten an even better effect, with much better definition of the sky, if only he had been a little further away from those city lights just over the horizon. But it's still a very dramatic picture, and well done.

Linux Mint has some nice wallpapers, but some of the most imaginative abstracts are found among those for PC-BSD. And that might give us an opening for another rant. The rant being on the subject of why, oh why do we have so many different incarnations of Linux, Ubuntu, PC-BSD, etc., etc., etc. - and my question from all that being "Why can't all you guys get together, and create one really super-duper, ass-kicking, one-size-fits-all, you-can't-get-better-anywhere system that would include all the very best of the best of them all?"

I really like Linux, and Free BSD, and all like that, but it's like religion; around every turn there's a whole other one going on, promising that it's really "The One" when in actual fact, none of them are! They each have their flashes of brilliance, and they each do a fair-to-middling job of doing what they do. But each seems to lack something the others do better. If that circus could be assembled under one big tent, we might get a much more interesting and user-friendly outcome, and in the process, grab more market share. These are good stuff, but not well enough known and used, partly, I suspect, because we're confused about which we ought to use among the several same-but-different varieties. Consistency! Homogenize all that. But keep the Unix roots. It was a good old tree.

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