Sunday, December 13, 2015

About God and Guns

This is a piece I put on Facebook, and I'm repeating it here for those who don't do Facebook but might enjoy reading it.....

If I were the Devil and I wanted to confuse mankind and get everyone at each other's throats, and fighting over whose beliefs are true or right or real, and in the process breaking every Commandment there is, then I'd invent something called Religion.

God doesn't need religion. God only needs his creations to do what we're told and be kind and considerate to one another and grateful for what we have been given. We don't need over 4,200 different brands of belief systems.

The problem with religion is that any damned fool can invent his own if he can get enough others to follow him, and that doesn't make him right or even moral and decent. It just means he is a good talker and a skilled manipulator. And let's not forget that the Bible is not the word of God, but rather that of men telling us it is the word of God. Big difference. We have been given a brain because we are expected to use it for more than just something to hold our ears apart.

Guns are the ultimate failure to communicate. Guns give us a false sense of security, and a superiority complex not born out by our actual behavior, which becomes more confrontational because we think we have the ultimate solution to any argument in our hands. I didn't seriously try to learn how to make compromises and learn to "get along" with my fellow man or woman until after I got rid of my well-oiled gun collection, and stopped being proud of the fact that I could break beer bottles on the 75-yard line of a range with my favorite target pistol. So I have some personal experience with the problem to back up what I'm trying to say here. Guns will not save us from our own stupidity or our failure to communicate.

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