Friday, December 11, 2015

Got the new Linux Mint 17.3 "Rosa" installed today...

This upgrade process in Linux Mint is a lot faster and less painful than in Windows. In Windows 10, it takes the better part of three hours to download, configure prior to installing, and then actually install an operating system upgrade. In Linux, it's less than half the time, installs quickly, and is usable at once, without any further updating required. The secret is in how it's done. In Linux, the core framework which normally remains unchanged is not being duplicated in the new upgrade. The new upgrade only includes the changes made from its previous incarnation, so it's a whole lot faster and less risky.

And if you've been using your Update Manager frequently, everything is automatically up to date, and all your packages are the latest available.

And just to prove that everything's "tickety-boo" I took it on a little spaceflight to Mars right after it finished installing......

Mars this morning, with its satellite Phobos out behind it. Let's go there......

Here we are on Phobos, in the shadows almost directly behind Mars, looking at everything else. Notice how far we are from Earth, and how quickly we did it. And you wanted to take an old-fashioned spacecraft, didn't you?
Enjoy your day, everyone!

And here it is also on the other computer, so once again, a matched pair. If I get stuck on one, I can use the other to learn how to fix it.

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