Thursday, December 10, 2015

Here is the Linux equivalent of Windows' Disk Management.

And I have to say, it provides us with more and better information than Windows, and I'm suitably impressed. I like its report on the disk condition and temperature as well as the more explicit depiction of the partitioning of it. Very nice!


  1. But Ray, you've not told me what it won't run??

  2. I'm having trouble with a firewall. It comes with one which is not enabled. I enabled it, but could not get it to configure. So I removed it, but even though the Terminal (like Cmd Prompt) confirmed it was removed, there is still some of it in Firefox which messes up the login-in buttons for Blogger. I've tried everything - removed Firefox, rebooted, re-installed Firefox, used Terminal (the DOS-type command line editor) to update the operating system, which should purge broken pieces of programs, and I also used another command that works on obsolete or broken programs, called "autoremove", and none of this has had any effect on this firewall. The system says it can't find it, because it isn't here, but it is here and I'm looking at its icon in the lower right corner of the Blogger page, where I have none of the usual controls for logging in.

    I had to trick it into letting me in, by scrolling to the bottom of the blog's first page, and then clicking on the word "Blogger" in the line that says "Powered by Blogger" - that word Blogger is a button that opens the editing page. So I made a bookmark of that for the bookmarks bar, and that's what I'm clicking on to bring up the page that lets me in here. and it's lots of fun! I've even used a program that searches for and removes stuff that isn't part of the installed system, and it didn't remove this thing either. So that tells me that there's a bug in the thing that is telling us it has been removed when it really hasn't. And because I can't get it to fully re-install or configure, I can't fix it - unless I go the whole route, and dump everything and re-install the whole O/S.

    It seems like it's somehow unique to Firefox, because I just installed and then removed Opera, and it didn't show that firewall icon on it. But I haven't found the cure yet....there must be a cache file someplace with this thing in it, if I can root it out. But I'm too new to this yet to know where to look. I have to research that first. Don't you wish you were having this much fun with your computer? Just when I think I know something, I don't.


  3. @ Tommy -

    I found the place where that firewall hides in the files, I used Terminal's command line with the magical phrase "sudo apt-get purge ufw" and it purged it, and that thing is still in Firefox.
    And that's after Firefox has had its own cache and cookies and all that deleted, and then Firefox updated to the latest version. I've looked in the folder for the ufw and it is empty. and the system won't delete that folder, because it says it isn't installed.... is this the old Catch 22 or what? But I'll say one thing for it - I'm learning Linux Mint faster than I thought. And I have found a program in its repository that will clean out any files you ask it to, and it did its thing for me, and I still have that icon, and no login button in Blogger. So I'm going to give it up for the rest of the day, and do something else......