Monday, December 7, 2015

I get requests....


Tommy said...

Such a nice guy there Ray....

Ray said...

Like Sheldon on "Big Bang" might ask, "Was that sarcasm?"

I was having a problem with their "automatic" renewal of the license,
because there was a glitch in their program for that, and after the
renewal was paid for and registered there, I was still getting notices
saying "Your license has expired. Please renew it now."

So I had sent a Support Ticket asking if we could fix that faulty reminder,
and it took about three days, during which they were asking me if it was
still coming in every morning as I started the PC, and I was saying,
"Yes, unfortunately, we still haven't got it stopped. Maybe you could
just delete that reminder..." But they want it working properly, of course.

So after we finally got that corrected, they sent me this survey to ask
how I felt about their support services, and would I recommend their program
to my friends. So I thought I'd give them a little free advertising.
It is a good program, and I like it because if you buy the Premium version,
it has extra protection which includes blocking incoming bad stuff, and
when that happens, it shows a pop-up in the lower right of the screen,
which shows you its IP Address as it is being blocked from entering.
That gives you the opportunity to find out where it came from and the
name of the URL sending it.

I suggested that in addition to that, they should make it so that action
would also trigger the sending back of a shredder to chew up that bad site.
I really like that idea, but it would probably take some doing. If they could
invent it, then it could probably close down a lot of the bad stuff we get.