Thursday, December 31, 2015

Linux Mint: Bulk Renamer for Files....

If you are looking for a program to do bulk renaming, its name is "Thunar" and you add it to your Nemo using the command "sudo apt-get install thunar".

I made a desktop shortcut of it and also added it to the panel (below) and the easy way to use it is to open it, open the folder in which you want to do the bulk renaming, and then simply "select all" in the folder to be renamed, and then use drag-and-drop to drag all those into your Bulk Renamer, choose how you want the renaming to be done in the configuring section below the main window, and click on "Rename Files" in the lower right of its window, and "Poof!" - all done! When you look in the folder those came from, they are now all renamed, and you can close your open windows and get on with your day.... Like they say, "It just works!"

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