Tuesday, December 1, 2015

This just in.....

Our favorite "supercookie" grabber is back in action in Firefox 42.0.

And for those who are asking "What's a Supercookie?" it is like a giant cookie that never expires, and can contain executables like the ".exe" executables found in regular programs. These can and do perform operations on your system, and they can and do "phone home" with your information to their home base wherever that is. And the reason you need something like this program to find them is because they do not show up on your regular cookie-handling features. In other words, they are invisible to your regular cookie-hunting features. Some of them are beneficial, helping you connect to websites you want to visit, for example, but others are not beneficial, and can be doing you more harm than good. I like to "go commando" and clean them all out. 

If it's my computer, and it is, then I decide what's on here, and if it is something like these "supercookies" that have to sneak in unannounced and hide from the regular cookie-handling equipment, then I automatically assume they are not up to any good. If they were, then they shouldn't have to be planted secretly on a system they think they cannot be detected on. In other words "spyware" is what they really are. There's no sugar coating for it. So this gets rid of them.


  1. I used to have one of these that ran on IE, but I can't remember its name.

  2. I almost never use I.E., except as a "spare" or for looking up
    something while I'm using my default browser, Firefox.

    I like the Google browser too, but Google plants too many cookies
    in your system, and I'm talking hundreds, and I don't like that.
    If they want to know what I'm doing, they should ask first.
    I hate these people who think it's OK to snoop through everything
    without asking, just because they can. That's why I have a program
    to weed out all that stuff and trash it.

    And if there was a firewall worth having, it should be able to stop that.
    None I've tried yet can do that.