Thursday, December 17, 2015

Updating Windows 10...

You're going to wonder who these two girls are, or maybe not, but I'll end the suspense by saying it's Jana Cova and Silvia Saint, the Czech Republic's gift to the porn industry, and in my opinion, the two very best looking women in porn. And probably two of the richest. And as far as we know, both are all natural. They haven't been plasticized like so many others. Perhaps one of their main attractions.

But I'm digressing again.... this is supposed to be about "updating Windows" and since I haven't used it for about a week, there were some updates, including one for the driver of my Radeon HD 5450 graphics card. I'm always a little nervous about Microsoft's updates to something like a graphics card, because the experts all say we ought to get those direct from the manufacturer who made it, and obviously knows it best, and has the latest updated drivers. And in most cases, you may find that the manufacturer's website has a more recent version of the driver than Microsoft does, because it hasn't sat around for six months somewhere, awaiting Microsoft's official approval. And why should Microsoft have to approve it anyway, if its maker is happy with it?

Now that I'm dual booting Windows 10 with Linux Mint, I've learned that Linux is identifying this Windows 10 as being "Windows 8". And I hear you asking "Why would they do that?" Because: (There's always a 'because') Windows 10, like Windows 8.1, is built on the main Windows 8 core, which in turn is basically the same chassis and core used in Wonderful Windows 7. So, if we were still identifying operating system versions as we did back in the days of Service Packs, then Windows 8.1 would be Windows 8, SP1, and Windows 10 would be Windows 8, SP2. And that's why Linux considers this Win-10 as "Windows 8". And really, it is. It's Windows 8, Service Pack Two. Any questions?

And now that I've done the weekly update to Win-10, I think I'll switch back to Linux Mint 17.3 and continue my education in Linux.

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  1. After "clean installing" (rather: upgrading from Win Vista me thinks, though using the formatting option during the installation process) Win 10 the monitor says I´m using about 160 or so Gb of the hard disk. That´s a lot isn´t it, just for an operating system and its few (or a few more rather) built-in gadgets.
    My Mac Yosemites, I´m not sure, but I think it´s eating up only about 20 Gb of harddisk space....