Friday, December 4, 2015

Win-10 Preview - Replaced by Linux Mint 17.2

I predicted this would happen if those hundreds of tracking cookies kept coming, and they kept coming, so out, out, out Windows 10 Preview, and Welcome Back, Linux Mint 17.2. Why? Because there's always more than one way to skin a cat, or a misbehaving operating system. And after testing Windows 10 for 13 months, I was getting bored with it anyway. Time for a change, and continue learning more about Linux Mint. It's a really nice system. I recommend you try it.

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  1. Hi Ray,
    thanks for your reply to my comment in a different post somewhere else in your thread.
    No, haven´t been to GC since 2012 any more because I´m happy over here at home with a) my spouse b) The Rascals whom I brought here from their place of birth in GC c) we don´t like to put them in a box for travelling in the cargo zone of an airplane. We now prefer travelling in our rolling kennel. Yes, there´s a chance that we might get to GC again by our own rolling kennel (a trip of several days, taking us 3000 kms across the EU, including a ferry voyage.

    More on topic: I value your opinion on matters IT. So: my spouse has a laptop which she bought in 2008 or so, its system brought to life by Windows Vista (a pain in the ass, and no longer supported, although pretty solid.

    The machine is slowing down more and more and seems to require a cure. So what shall we do: upgrade to Win 10, clean install to Win 10, or leave Windows altogether and try Linux Mint? Would Linux Mint support that old printer?

    We don´t need bells and whistles on the laptop, we just want to browse easy Internetsites and write email and store a few private folders.

    It´s a Toshiba, don´t know whether 32 or 64 but I could find out, I think it´s a 32.
    I´d prefer a clean install of Win 10, if it comes to that OS, it´d make the machine like new and a lot faster, wouldn´t it?

    On a sidenote: my personal machine is a MacBook, very stable, reliable, easy to use. Spouse thinks that it´d be a tad too expensive for her.

    Take care of yourself, Ray. Anytime I visit with my father he reminds me of you, because you´re about the same age. As a former toolmaker he´s still into technical stuff.

    On one more sidenote: I´m on facebook, my name is Paco Cortegiano.

    Best wishes, Ray. Also from Spouse, Maxi and Fret.