Monday, December 28, 2015

Win-10 Pro = Reinstalled again!

This is it, with my own custom-made icons, and my favorite graphics programs, and my own choices of security programs, and of course, those gadgets....  and speaking of making your own icons, if you're into that, google the program called "IcoFX" because that's the one that does it. It can make Windows icons or Mac icons, and it can convert an image file into an icon. That icon on my desktop for Irfanview was made from an image file using IcoFX.

And now for today's Snow Report, now that I've got Zoombrowser EX in here once again.... (and you don't need a Canon camera to make it work!) I gave my Canon cameras to the grandchildren a couple of years ago, but I do like the Zoombrowser program. It works fine with any of your memory cards.

Nikon Coolpix P510, Auto mode, various zooms, earlier this morning.

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