Friday, January 8, 2016

Electronic Music: The Psychedelic Era

Back when, a "good trip" almost always involved "the right music" and the only problem was in defining that term "the right music". One person's meat was another's poison, but generally speaking the range of available audio centered around stuff we all considered to be "really spacey", or "far out" or "twenty feet off the ground and rising", or just "Wow! am I back already?" Usually assisted, of course, with certain "medicinal herbs" and sometimes spices. And before you get into the music, please put on your headphones, so that you can enjoy the full stereo experience. Examples: - 

This last by Isao Tomita starts off with a Children's Corner piece, then a Reverie, and he does Debussy like you've possibly never heard it, but should. And I hope you enjoy these samples of electronic music.

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