Thursday, January 7, 2016

French robotic space rock 1976: The Droids

I've still got this record around here somewhere, but I've never seen this video until today.... and maybe that's just as well.....

Here's another from this same album....



  1. Goodness Ray, where DO you find these things??
    FYI, I highly recommend that they not give up their day jobs... :-)


  2. Well, Tom, it's a long story, so I'll try to shorten it up for you.

    Back in the 1970s, before the death of the 12-inch LP, two nice young lads who had been working as mail carriers here on our rainy west coast (The Wet Coast) got together and decided to create an indoor job for themselves. They were music lovers, so they opened a record store in the university district, specializing in used and later on imported European rock, and they called it Black Swan Records. It also had a nice section of hard-to-find traditional classic jazz releases.

    It was a great favorite of the cognoscenti and the impecunious and those who were
    both, and even some who were neither. And the nice thing about that imported rock was that we never knew what we were getting unless our two hosts who ran the joint had already sampled one of the copies and could tell us what it was like. So I got a few gems that left something to be desired, and "Droids" was one of those.

  3. Got it!! I was hoping that this was not one of your all time favorite groups that I was picking on...


  4. As I'm sure you recall, the flower power era spawned a lot of "one-hit wonders".
    And then there were the ones we bought just because of the cover.... Woof!
    And do you remember "picture disks" with a complete colored picture across
    the playing surfaces? I still have a couple of those someplace here I think.