LOS ANGELES - The Playboy Mansion is up for sale but longtime resident Hugh Heffner wants to stay put.
The West Los Angeles estate, the backdrop of many film shoots and wild parties, was listed on Monday for $200 million.
Playboy Enterprises says the 5-acre property features 29 rooms, a home theatre, wine cellar and a swimming pool with a cave-like grotto where Playboy bunnies partied with celebrities. The mansion also comes with a rare zoo license.

As a condition of the sale, Playboy founder Hefner would get to continue living there as he has since the company bought the mansion 45 years ago for just over $1 million.

Playboy CEO Scott Flanders says the sale would help the company "reinvest in the transformation of our business" while allowing Hefner to continue living there.

The above is the press release about this, and I have to say it's different. Not often do we see someone trying to sell the old homestead while insisting on continuing to live in it themselves afterward.

Playboy and Hugh Hefner its founder have been responsible for a lot of changes in social behavior since the autumn of 1953 when it all began. They've brought us the famous centerfold, and then full frontal nudity, and sparked the porn industry and its videos rather than just stills in a magazine. And now, going full circle, Playboy has announced the end of full nudity in its pages.

The stated purpose of the sale, "to reinvest in the transformation of our business" prompts the question "Into what?" because they've already run the gamut in sex, from if you'll pardon the pun, soup to nuts. I remember the serious looking pipe-smoking younger Hefner doing his multiple instalments of The Playboy Philosophy of Sex, and it wasn't long until the Flower Power Era brought us a whole new set of attitudes about that, with the "Make Love Not War" crowd, and as Will Rogers said of an earlier time, "I never expected to see the day when girls would get sunburned in the places they do today." 

I have to wonder if Vivid Entertainment, those masters of the porn video, will be interested in buying a place that's famous for its passionate parties and its celebrity sexcapades and for practically inspiring an industry. And I also have to wonder what Playboy Enterprises could possibly transform itself into, after all it has been already.