Sunday, January 24, 2016

Signs of Winter, Signs of Spring

First, a sign of Winter, still with us on the hills nearby...

And now for a couple of signs of Spring on its way.....

Flowers sprouting in a neighbor's garden over in the next block...

And a tree beside a neighbor's home across the street, showing signs of Spring.

These were taken with a Fuji SL-1000 at 50X zoom.



  1. You must know that the east coast got slammed with a snow storm. The line ended just south of us and we got NOTHING!!!

    I guess it helped doing that old Indian rain dance.. :-)


  2. You almost seem disappointed, Tom.

    Do you have some way to clean off your solar panels?

  3. As they say Ray, "God put it there, so God can...." Get the idea? I feel the same way about raking leaves on the Fall..


  4. Whatever makes you giggle.....