Friday, January 22, 2016

Tonight's sunset


  1. Tell that to some folk on the east cost of the US. :-)


  2. I have a feeling Spring is coming, but as Tommy says, in the
    eastern parts of the USA, it's not so nice.

    How are things where you are, Monsieur Beep?

  3. It has been quite wintry esp in the North of Germany until a few days ago, with down to minus 10 Cel and some snow. But as of yesterday it has become very mild again, plus 10 Cel pr so. It's also because of the influence of the warm Gulf Stream.


  4. Minus 10 C is colder than we have had it so far this winter,
    and I think winter has almost run its course here now.
    There are new sprouts coming up in the flower beds already.

  5. Going to enter the four poster now (00:41). Thanks for comment. Have a good evening, Ray.