Saturday, January 2, 2016

Where my milk comes from - a story you should see.

Some things are worth protecting, and our food supply is one of those, as this story makes clear. I like Avalon Dairy milk because it's certified organic, comes from our last remaining family-owned dairy, and is in real glass bottles - but there's more to it than that. A lot more. So please watch the video.

And now that you know where my milk comes from, let's have a look at where my eggs come from, shall we?

And why am I telling you all this? Just in case you live in the Vancouver area, and want the best milk and eggs you can find. And what could you do with the best milk and eggs you could find? Why, make a world-class eggnog, of course!

In your blender, add the following:-

Half a teaspoon or so of real vanilla extract
Half a handful of extra-fine granulated white sugar (about two tablespoons)
Two extra-large eggs
Two cups homo milk
Add a few sprinkles of nutmeg

Blend at a medium-high speed for about half a minute, pour into a large glass and enjoy! This makes a great breakfast, and it's even good for you.  


  1. These are great videos Ray. Very informative.. It's really good these stories on "local" farmers.

    Get rid of the BIG guys...


  2. Hi, Tom -

    The biggest and virtually only other dairy products available around here
    are a brand called "Dairyland" which used to be owned and operated by a
    group called "The Fraser Valley Milk Producers" or some such local group
    of farmers in a co-op situation. Then, they got bought out by another huge
    outfit called Saputo, headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, and claiming to be
    the 10th largest dairy processor in the world. Their products are cheaper
    than Avalon Dairy, but they just don't taste the same. And the profits from
    them don't stay here in our own community, but go back to corporate headquarters
    in Montreal, 2,298 miles away.

    This year, Avalon Dairy will be celebrating its 110th anniversary!
    I think that's really special, and I hope they last another 110.
    The dairy also tells its own story on its own website, and you may
    enjoy having a look at that at >
    and they have their own video on there too. I would have put it
    on the blog, but I didn't know how.