Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Windows 10: Permanently delete files...

When we use Recycle Bin and "delete" something, it really isn't gone. All that happens is that the location codes for it are removed, but the file itself is still on the drive. To actually remove that file, you need something more. The something more is a program like Eraser, which integrates with Windows, and will render those "deleted" files useless, by your choice of several methods.

Here's what the Settings window looks like....

"How does it work?" you ask. It adds an item to the context menu, so that when there is something in Recycle Bin that you want to make sure will not be recoverable by any of the usual recovery methods for deleted files, you can choose to have it overwritten and made useless, using a choice of several methods. You should read the "How To Geek's" notes about this one...  or you can go to their website for the user's manual.

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