Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Yesterday, on Facebook, Charles Koch complained....

He complained that his money wasn't buying the kind of influence he expected.

I suggested perhaps he ought to be more discriminating in his choices of butt-smoochers. Obviously he and his brother David know how to make money with their money, but they seem lacking in the requisite skills for choosing subservient two-faced lying bastards, of the kind usually found inhabiting the inner sanctums and outer fringes of the Republican party.

But Charles' crocodile tears are falling on unfriendly ground, and his complaints on deaf ears, because we've done our 'homework' and we know just how extensive the network of the Koch brothers' think-tanks and lobbying organizations is, and how anxious they are not to advertise the fact that those reach internationally and into spheres of influence far beyond the core industries which provide their sources of wealth. They don't have enough to do, and too much money to do it with, so they'd like to buy the U.S. Government, just for the hell of it. Does anyone recall seeing any "For Sale" sign for that? 


  1. Ray, you are pretty accurate here. But, again you shouldn't hold back so much. Just let it out and say it..


  2. I love your encouragement, Tom. And I'm trying, I really am. :>)

    When I started my "homework", I was very surprised to learn that
    the Koch brothers are contributors to a think-tank here in Vancouver,
    called The Fraser Institute. It has been around for a long time, and
    has been referenced by both our biggest daily paper and our provincial
    government people during the past. I find it interesting that American
    billionaires are interested in our local political decisions sufficiently
    to attempt to influence those with the output of that think-tank.

    And I have to confess that while Dear Editor and I were battling our
    "bad guys" around here in the press a few years back, I found it quite
    amusing to do my part in unspinning those smug spin doctors of that
    Institute, who were bending the truth just a little too much for my taste.
    They love to use supposition and innuendo to paint pictures of things
    not seen in the real world.

    It's amazing what some guys will say when paid to use "creative writing"
    instead of just sticking to the facts. So I'm not terribly surprised at some
    of the Republican candidates babbling what seems like pure nonsense while
    on some billionaire's payroll. They are, after all, playing to their bosses
    and not to their wider audience necessarily. And of course at other times,
    they're just trying to "feather their own nests", unsuccessfully, I hope.

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