Sunday, February 7, 2016

About Paint.Net, the image editing program

This is comparable to Gimp or Photoshop, or other similar editing programs, with the exception that this has a huge collection of plugins, which can do almost anything. There are also collections of these, in packs for easier installation. "So, give me an example of one of these plugins," you say. - OK....

Here's a screenshot taken recently. I'm going to use the 'Water Reflection' plugin on it, to turn part of it into a reflection on water of the rest of it..... first, here's the unaltered image....

And now here's the image with the 'Water Reflection' applied. You can configure it for how much of the image it covers, the density of the waves on it, the effects of wind on those waves, etc. so as you suspect, there's a lot of adjustments you can make.  And this is just one of hundreds of plugins for this program. You can have a lot of fun with it.


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