Friday, February 12, 2016

I'm still impressed with my "new" TV signals...

One thing that impresses me is that a home-built FM antenna I made about 20 years ago for my stereo now is also capable of receiving 6 channels of digital TV. So all along, I've had the capability of using my own system, which is able to deliver a better signal than the local cable company.

And something I didn't mention is that if your TV has been made since 2007, then it comes with the digital converter built in, so you don't need an extra box to make it work. If you program it to do an auto channel search, it will search first for digital channels, and then for analog ones. And if you're using an over-the-air antenna like mine, then it won't find any analog channels, because all of our over-the-air signals are now digital.

So you can save yourself $40 a month or more, and get a better picture by using your own setup instead of paying for someone else's. And they won't tell you this, of course. You have to find out from guys like me.

In addition to the main 40-inch TV, I've also connected this 30-inch on my computer, so that I can switch it between computer monitor and TV if I wish.

Please Note:

Talking about this with Steve, our maintenance man, he says that if you connect a signal booster to your antenna, it brings in addition channels that are not found without it. He increased the number of channels received from 6 to 14 by adding his booster. 

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  1. Certainly worth a try in our area as well, thank you very much for posting, Ray.